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LAT is different because...

We focus exclusively on libraries.

Library Automation Technologies Inc. (LAT) is exclusively focused on creating and building library automation systems. We don't sell:

  • Sticky tapes
  • Furniture
  • Various office supplies
  • Add-on services such as moving or tagging
  • etc.

Our sole focus is libraries and how to bring state-of-the-art technology to solve real world problems in libraries today. Our corporate name stands for our business. How many vendors do you know that can say that?

We don't participate in "fancy partnerships".

We don't believe in restrictive trade practices, closed-door deals or various kinds of collusions that we often see in this marketplace. Our goal is to deliver you value, honesty and quality in everything we do. Our goal is NOT to circumvent the system, or "get the foot in the door" or bypass RFP via "strategic alliances" or any other fancy terms to get at your dollar. We view each and every customer as a long term relationship and strive to deliver the best possible service and value to our customers - who are truly our partners.

We believe in Innovation.

Since its inception, LAT has been at the forefront of technology in the library automation market. We were the first to introduce wireless systems nearly eleven years ago. We were the first to provide multi-front gate security system support. We were the first to provide "hybrid" RFID units. We were the first to introduce the Intelligent Media Manager concept for libraries to secure their media. And we are still the first with our unique allCIRC system and many other innovations. We are copied, analyzed and admired by our competitors, who often try to imitate our innovation and drive.

About LAT

Library Automation Technologies, Inc. (LAT)
is exclusively focused on creating and building library patron self-checkout systems. For more than ten years our management and technology team have been involved in the software design, engineering development and service of library patron self-checkout for major industry vendors.

In 2002, FLASHSCAN® Self-Checkout was born: a unique, wireless, open system operated by the library patron. LAT chose an open system strategy in order to operate with the current security and circulation database components of any library. The following year, LAT expanded their open system architecture with an upgrade option to RFID technology.

In late 2004, with FLASHSCAN patron automated checkout systems installed in public and university libraries across the country, LAT announced the INTELLIGENT MEDIA MANAGER®: an innovative open system security vault operated by the library patron to process checkouts, returns, and holds for CD and DVD media.

Libraries faced with increased patron usage, larger collections, and no increase in personnel, see the LAT open system products as their ideal solution. The on-going R&D activities at LAT on new automated circulation services are rapidly identifying LAT as the library's best friend.

Library Automation Technology is headquartered in Somerdale, New Jersey, which is located twenty minutes east of Philadelphia.

So why should you choose LAT?

  • Because you won't find better value for your dollar anywhere else.
  • Because LAT's dedication, flexibility and collaboration are unmatched.
  • Because your library, staff, and patrons deserve it!

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